PowerSave Highbays - LED

Highbay Retrofit LED Lamp & Lamp Holder

Retrofit LED 100 & 120W Lamp & Lamp Holder

Replace your existing lamps and reuse the reflectors and lamp holder.

(Contains Driver)

Please see the LED Lamps page for specifications and images



  • High brightness LED, high lumen, good light efficiency. Epistar Chips
  • Aluminum fins with good heat-conducting property and provide enough area for heat dissipation.
  • Light weight, total weight 5-6KG, with Mounting Hook and 1.6m power cable.
  • Internal MeanWell driver, easy to replace and extended life.
  • 45 - 120 degree angle reflector
  • Replace 650W halogen or 450w metal halide light.
  • These highbays could save you over $5000 over its operating life of 50,000 hours
  • 100 Watt from 4m to 5.5m height , 120w from 5.5 to 7m and 150w for best results above 7m