Commercial Benefits

PowerSave lighting products offer a compelling value proposition:

they will significantly reduce the cost of our client's lighting power.

The benefits are achieved simply, without interruption to the business, and with payback periods as low as 6 months.

  • PowerSave's ultra efficient industrial lighting will significantly reduce electricity costs.
  • As a result of high intensity fluorescent technology, Power Save lights are a realistic alternative to conventional industrial lighting.
  • In 'retro fit' applications PowerSave lights deliver a rapid cost recovery, excellent ROI and an immediate operating cost reduction.Both using our Fluorescent lamps as well as our LED long life Bulbs
  • In new buildings PowerSave lighting enables much lower occupancy costs for any tenant or owner.
  • Lower occupancy costs, resulting from an energy efficient building, will increase building values.
  • The daylight colour of PowerSave lights is preferred by staff because of the clarity of light, high colour rendition and lower temperature.
  • Instant switching means light and motion sensors can be intelligently used to deliver further savings.
  • The low current draw reduces cabling costs and avoids power supply upgrades when businesses expand.