Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the savings that PowerSave Lights will make?

PowerSave Lights operate at 200 Watts for the Lamp and Ballast (your electrician is able to easily verify). Conventional lights use 400 Watts for the Lamp and between 40 and 80 Watts for the Ballast. Depending on the condition of the Ballast the existing system could be using up to 700 Watts and appear to be working normally (your electrician is able to confirm actual consumption). As a base line we use 450 Watts as the existing power use. Similar savings are made using LED large lamps.

Click here to use our online calculator to find out how much you can save.

Do PowerSave HIF lights have the same light output as conventional HID lights?

PowerSave HIF lights are used as a one for one alternative to HID lights. The daylight colour (6400k) of PowerSave lamps produces a superior clarity of light and an extremely high colour rendition.

Is the labour cost of the retro fit expensive?

No. Typically with reasonable access for a scissor lift, allow for 10 minutes per fitting to remove the conventional unit and replace with a PowerSave light.

With removing the ballast electronics, if using your own fittings, then allow another 10 or so minutes for each fitting.

How long do PowerSave lamps last?

PowerSave Highbay lamps are rated at 11,000 hours with typical life exceeding this level. PowerSave lights do not change colour over their life and do not flicker. The light level reduces by a small amount compared to conventional lights. LED large lamps are rated at 50000 hours, nearly 5 times longer than a CFL bulb.

Can I retain my existing reflectors and install only the PowerSave lamps?

Many customers do retain their reflectors and merely use the PowerSave electronic ballast and lamps, and therefore reduce the cost of the retro fit. You would use PowerSave reflectors if the existing reflectors were unvented, had a neck diameter less than 150mm, were of poor quality or poor condition. Reflectors are an important piece of the light fitting. An efficient reflector can significantly increase light levels and therefore add light to a building for "free", i.e. no extra power required. The useable life of the lamp is extended as the minimum light levels required will be available for a longer period.

This can also be done for Our LED Large Lamps as well . All our LED Lamps have the Driver included in the lamp so the old Ballast can have the electronics bypassed and then used as a lamp holder at no extra cost.

How long do PowerSave lights take to start and get to full brightness?

Rapid start means PowerSave lights will switch on within 2 seconds from cold and be at 60% brightness and will be fully illuminated within 2 minutes. Following power fluctuations that cause lights to switch off restrike is within 2 seconds at full brightness. LED lamps are instant strike and full brightness within 2 seconds.

Will using sensors reduce lamp life?

The short answer is "yes". The rated lamp life is based on typical switching on Industrial sites. Frequent switching (from e.g. motion sensors) can reduce lamp life however because of the longer periods the lamps are “off” the replacement time frame may be similar to existing replacement cycles. Of most importance are the power cost savings that are achieved by having lights switched off for many accumulated hours over a 12 month period.

What does a 'daylight colour' lamp mean?

All lamps are designed with a Kelvin (k) rating. They are referred to as a temperature rating but in fact describe the colour type of the lamp. PowerSave industrial lamps are 6400k or daylight colour. This colour is similar to outside natural light on a bright day. This light creates a positive work environment, a high clarity of light and colours are seen accurately (i.e colour rendition).

Are PowerSave Lights able to be used with CCTV?

PowerSave lights also use 6400K lamps. The clarity of light and the high object definition that is produced by "daylight" lamps is an advantage for CCTV use.

What is the operating temperature of PowerSave lights?

The highest power (and hottest - 200W) lamps will reach approx 70 degC in the open and up to 95 degC in a typical vented reflector. The arc tube of some Metal Halide lamps will reach approximately 1100 degC. LED Lamps operate at about 40 DegC .