The Advantages of LED Lamps

Advantages of led bulbs

LED Lamp Features

  • LED Big Bulb can replace the Traditional CFL Light  From 22 watt to 120w LED 
  • Unique structure, wide angle (360`) ,wide range Irradiated Area
  • Luminous efficiency, > 110 LMW and upto 150l/w
  • Patented thermal design, larger heat dissipation
  • Using Fan protection circuit,( on some) when the fan stops working, the power of the whole lamp will reduce to 50% to ensure the safety of lamp until cleared.
  • Light Weight, more security for use.Will not breck if hit 
  • Various Lamp holders available. E27, E40 B22.

Wide Applications, Factories, warehouses, parking lots, commercial lighting etc.Also for retro fit to existing Highbay  CFL Fittings and Metal Halide or Sodium lamps.

Maintenance - requires a lens clean and air clean every 12 months to maintain life

What is Industrial Grade?

PowerSave Lights are constructed using high quality, robust componentry.

They are designed to deliver high light output, a shorter time to full brightness and to operate over long periods including continuous running of 8,000 hours. Industrial grade lights use only rare earth tri-phosphor coatings not the halo-phosphor coatings used on lower quality lights. The result is a light that will produce a brighter light for the power used, maintain the brightness for longer and portray improved colour properties.

industrial grade

Left: Standard Light.   Right: PowerSave "Industrial Grade" Light.

How Much Money Can I Save?

Typical savings by replacing inefficient lights with PowerSave lights over 8000 hours of lamp life. Based on Kw/h rate of 20 cents.

Replacing » 500W 400W 300W 250W 200W 150W 125W 100W 75W
PowerSave 150W $560 $400 $240            
PowerSave 85W       $265 $185 $105      
PowerSave 65W         $220 $135 $100    
PowerSave 30W             $150 $110 $70

Daylight or Warm Colour?

Daylight colour lights are suitable for Industrial, Commercial and Retail locations and create an open sunlit environment of a natural type light.

They will improve the clarity and definition of objects and will assist alertness and productivity.

They cause the colour of objects (products) to be seen accurately (render) and brighter.

Warm colour lights are similar to conventional incandescent lights and produce an artificial light of yellow hue.

They will create a sense of comfort and relaxation.